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About US

Dive into the heart of creativity and charm with our unique project, DogeFork. This guide introduces you to the whimsical world where our Doge chef mascot leads the way on the BSC blockchain, blending the art of cooking with the innovation of cryptocurrency. Step into a realm where simplicity meets enchantment, offering a smooth and engaging experience for everyone. Let's unravel the secret ingredients that make DogeFork an unforgettable adventure in the crypto space.


At DogeFork, our dream is to blend innovation, camaraderie, and benevolence within the blockchain universe. We aim to develop an ecosystem that demystifies blockchain's intricacies, offering an engaging and straightforward journey for all. Our goal is to become a beacon for change, where every engagement with DogeFork is not just a transaction but a step closer to a united and joyful community.


Our mission at DogeFork is to streamline the BSC blockchain journey for individuals from diverse walks of life, guided by our Doge chef mascot. We're committed to fostering a lively and supportive community that transcends mere transactions. DogeFork is devoted to making a significant impact by engaging in food-related charity work and advocating for animal welfare. Our aim is to transform the perception of cryptocurrencies, positioning them not just as a medium of exchange but as a catalyst for positive change.

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About Token

  • Token Name:
  • DOGEFORK Symbol:
  • Total Supply:
  • 100.000.000
  • Initial Burn
  • 67%
  • Presale
  • 16.2%
  • Liquidity
  • 16.8%
  • Buy Tax
  • 3%
  • Sell Tax
  • 3%
  • Transfer Tax
  • 6%
  • Token Address:
  • 0xc68bFAC4D66bf16e963135d2F6837D71805f7F29


  • [ 2024 ]
  • Phase 1

    • Presale
    • Launch
    • Coingecko/CMC Listings
    • Trendingon AveDex, Dexview
    • Listing on Major Exchanges
  • [ 2024 ]
  • Phase 2

    • Community Growth
    • Huge Marketing Push
    • Influencer Calls
  • [ 2024 ]
  • Phase 3

    • Partnerships
    • 100.000+ holders
    • Meme Takeover